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Welcome to the Class 9 only message board at Race-deZert.com! race-deZert.com has graciously given us this web space to speak freely as Class 9 drivers. Although this chat board will not be censored, we must take responsibility for our words in order for this forum to last, and have lasting value.

Please check here often for pictures, stories, and idea's. In addition to all this, it is our hope that this message board will keep the lines of communication open among all Class 9 drivers. The message board is also open for the world to view, but only registered Class 9 drivers may post.

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Forgot to say in that first post that you must go through the regular log-on procedure for the 2.0 forums. With that accomplished, then "Send Private" to "Klaus" for access to post in this forum.

Thanks, Tim

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I think having this board could be quite useful.
Glad to see it. I don't have any topics to discuss right now ,but when I do I'll post it here.

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