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Now you can weld on the trail or in between race heats quickly with no surface prep needed while simultaneously keeping your frame rust free!

If you run a bare chassis in any type of racing or wheeling, you are going to experience rust. Surface rust, flash rust, overnight rust, whatever you want to call it, it makes your vehicle look terrible. Nobody enjoys seeing their vehicle covered in rust and oxidized metal. However there is finally a solution, Mavcoat Steel Shield!

Mavcoat Steel Shield is a corrosion prevention coating that prevents rust from forming on all metal components. Steel Shield dries to the touch, dries clear, provides protection against all types of corrosion and oxidation for anywhere from 6-12 months, and is 100% WELDABLE meaning no surface prep needed before welding; you can weld right through it! This product is perfect for all racers, builders, and enthusiasts alike.

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or visit our website, Mavcoat Steel Shield, to learn more.