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Welders...? What would you buy


Im in the UK
the welder is a Miller MPI 220P
sorry was wrong its a 240 machine was fooled by it coming with both a 16A plug and the normal 3 pin plug

Ty Owings

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My dad and I use a Miller for MIG and a big lincoln for TIG. We actually got our TIG on a trade for tile work but its the big Precision TIG 275. Way overkill for us. Our MIG however is atleast 15 years old and we still haven't had any problems with it. I'll have to double check but i believe its the Miller 180. It built our 5 seat buggy back in 2002-2004 with no issues. I think many of them are very close now days. Both of ours are 220v and I've tried my uncles 110v miller MIG and honestly didnt like it. Couldn't give near the penetration as our 220v's.

The real question is Blue or Red? :p