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Welding At parker 425?


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Our car needs a seat bracket welded on, does anyone know if someone will be offering welding there? Thanks.


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I would probably weld before you get there. I am sure someone will have a welder and may let you borrow it but It may be a stick welder or flux core that is more or less to get you to the finish not to finish your prep. Get there a day early in push comes to shove and go find a local fab shop to weld it up for you and support the local Parker economy.


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There's a few local shops, Cutting Edge is one off the top of my head 928-230-5806.

They have a facebook page under that name as well.


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Sorry guys not bringing either of our rigs out to the 425, we'll be busy high in the sky making $$$ with them


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Bad Attitude Boats and Buggies can weld too in Downtown Parker. Give a call to make sure they will be there tomorrow.

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I didn't bring mine or I would help. Come find me at the Wild power sports booth at contingency, I'm sure I know someone that can help you out.


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Thanks for all the info, we did have a welding shop in Parker fix us up. We hope we are good to go. See ee you all at the start line