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wemo mtg


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atended the wemo meeting today(group 1), what a waste of time. sorry pat, i hope you weren't too confused. i tried to get an answer from anyone about the proposal by the cbd to turn johnson and stoddard valleys into limited used areas with speed limits and limited roads/trails, but the blm says they don't know anything about it and the representative from fort irwin said it was not an issue to discuss at the wemo meetings. i smell a skunk here folks. if we can't tie this possible closure to the wemo plan, i think we will be sold down the river. i told the folks from the blm if the proposal from the cbd is accepted or even on teh table, we need to start from scratch for the whole wemo plan, because it specifically denies any competitive speed events in the desert wilderness management area(dwma) and you won't be able to race in stoddard or johnson valley. on a good note, some of the other areas are now being excluded from the plan(razor, spangler, olancha. etc...) but they are now in mode #2 with the introduction of the next player in the game, the lovely mojave ground squirrel! only 116 left to go!


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Martin, dont worry about it. It may have been kind of boring and confusing, it did give me an idea of whats going on out in the desert politcally. Also Jerry pointed out something about high speed activities in the tortise book (the 35pg thing) on pages 29 and 30. I havent had time to look more than glancing but I saw something about high speed activites. Thanks for filling me in and introducing me to the corva guys. I will probably try and go to the next meeting on the 13th. Thanks again.


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How about I go trap them 116 squirrels and we'll all have a pot luck ...... then they won't have to worry about them damn squirrels anymore. Sound good?



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dani-that would be great, but it isn't 116 squirrels, it is 116 species of plant, animal, and insect. there are probably 100's of 1,000 of squirrels. but no one ever counted them, so there must only be 3 or 4 according to the cbd. i can never get a straight answer. when asked how many tortoises are left, they say fewer than 4 per square mile, but according to their report on the fort irwin expansion, with an approximate 100 square mile expansion, 10's of 1,000's of tortoises will be killed by tanks alone. i just don't know. the blm had a milkvetch placed on the endangered species list because they felt there were only about 900 of the plants left, but when they actually went out and counted, they say they have found more then 26,000 and probably more. it is not about plants and animals, it is about stopping our recreation. matrin

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