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wemo mtg


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went to the meeting. fewer people than usual...and they thought the night meeting would be easier. the only thing i can say is we have to oppose aome of the stuff right now. one of the attacks deals with the a closing of all connecting routes from stoddard to johnson. while we don't race on these routes, it is a precursor to lopping off sections of land from both areas. they are taking approximately 80% of trails and roads outside the open areas, i think they can leave these alone. also, the language of the catual plan makes illegal any and all speed events inside the tortoise area. there would never be another b to v, rally etc... anywhere but the open areas, and with the dramatic increase of non-competitive use in those, i am afraid they would dissallow racing as too dangerous to public users.
there needs to be some give on their part.

also, some infighting has begun within our own community. i have gotten the impression that some of the representatives of the rock crawlers feel racing should beexpendable as long as they keep their jeep routes. i have heard language about us tearing up things at speed, etc... also, they feel that our green sticker funds should be used to enhance their street legal vehicle access on trails green stickers aren't allowed. they feel this way because of the gas tax...they pay the gas tax, the green sticker fund gets some money from this tax, so they are entitled to it. what do they think happens to us? we get the gas tax money back when we fill up our green sticker vehicles? i don't want too fight with fellow offroaders, but i sense a bus fast approaching and hands on our backs. even the eco folks are backing the offroad recreation aspect as longas it doesn't allow speed. they even mention speed control devices such as speed limits, speed bumps, etc... sorry, but 1/2 a mile an hour through the boulders doesn't do it for me.

we need some bodies at teh next group 1 meeting since that is where the decisions are beingmade. the vehicle access meetings are simply a show with no guts...i think it is august 13th.
there will be 2 meetings that day. the group 1 meeting at 9 am and the group 2 meeting that night at 6pm. i should be there, and want a good number of our folks there to show support for no closures between stoddard and johnson valleys and to show the jeepers we count too. there are some strange coalitions forming and the bed partners are beyond strange. hope they can feel good about themselves the morning after.

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Thanks for going Martin - I was afraid that something like this might happen - they'll sell out racing to keep their limited use going. I am sorry I couldn't go - please do me a favor and send me a private message and tell me who exactly seems to be forming against us - it will be nice to know who is willing to sell us out with all the help and support we are giving them.

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Hey Martin,
Great report on the meeting
It bothers me to see that the rock crawling folks are
only interested in protecting only their sport

I recently read an article in a 4x4 mag that Walker Evens
is into those things
I will have to see if there is a rock crawling web site to see
if they are chattering about this


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Thanks for the report Martin. We need to talk (not argue) with all the other off-road groups. The ecocrats are loving this. Divide and destroy!!!!! We can't let that happen....



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tim-wemo is the western mojave desert use plan. there is also a nemo for the ortheastern mojave and both od these fall under the cdca-the california desert plan. there are alao IT's, DWMA's. ATA's, etc... it is very confusing for the uninitiated. i think that is part of the plan. the general public goes to a meeting and hears esa's and type 3 habitat and potential habitat and actual habitat and cdc and csa and so on...after awhile they feel like saying GTFO! AND WALK OUT IN DISGUST. it took some reading, but i finally caught on enough to know that it all means no offroad competitive activities outside the open areas. you have to understand that these meetings are tailored for county planners, biologists, botanists, and blm lawyers. hope this helps. martin

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Thanks for the explanation. Tim, Thanks for asking. Most of us out here are usually afraid to ask such questions, for fear that we might look stupid. I do enough of that already without doing it on the BB. Acronyms can be quite confusing. When possible, spell them out the first time in your posts. Helps people like me understand a little better. I work in the telecom industry and already suffer from acronymphomania. Thanks Mike.


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Mike, we're Class 9 drivers...no one expects too much!

Back on topic: Although it's been said before, thank you to Martin, Paige, that KTM dude, and all others who are on the front lines and go to the meetings etc. THANK YOU!