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went to the group 1 meeting today. that is where all the big wigs are suppose to be. well, the federal gov't sure knows how to really screw things up. this meeting just confirmed that vehicle access is not even on the radar with these people. they have a totally unrealistic view when it comes to species preservation and it is basically damn the humans, do whatever it takes as long as it doesn't affect the military! so far, our normal racing area are untouched, but there can never be a competitive event anywhere else in the tortoise area. dual sport events can occur only between nov 1 and march 1. the biologists that are basically constructing the plan are creating a need for themselves for a minimum of 30 years. the mitigation is 5:1 and the proposal is no more than 1% surface disturbance of 9 million acres. that leaves a total of 90,000 for anything, including expansion of military bases. there will never be additional ohv area again, ever. there are also some loopholes that leave the open ohv areas up for attack down the road. the problem is the plan calls for a 0 net loss...period. of tortoise habitat. that means that if a tortoise acre is developed in one place, 5 acres must be purchased to replace it, and at least one of those acres must be tortoise habitat. some of that land is the stoddarad and johnson valley.
there are some private land holdings there and if they were purchased as mitigation land, it would screw the open areas. a major issue is that there is already more than 1% disturbed surface in the tortoise habitat, so it already has to be fixed.

there is so much stuff that i can't put it all on here. martin

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Hey Martin,
thanks for keeping us up on whats going on,

I will be attending a Friends of jawbone meeting tomorrow morning,
then a town meeting in Cal City tomorrow night, they are supposed to discuss
recreational issues for that area

I will keep everyone informed how it goes



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thanks for going martin - sounds like it wasn't a very fun meeting at all. There is a wemo access meeting next week in the evening - i think - are you going?

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