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This has been mentioned in other secions of this board but, PLEASE attend the following District 37 information meetings on how to make and mail comments to the BLM about the WEMO PLAN (western mojave)

Why comment on WEMO? ALL land management decisoins for the next 30 years (THATS RIGHT...30 YEARS) will be governed by this document. This includes were you can go, cattle and sheep grazing, construction, mineral exploration, air and water pollution, land disturbance, species protection and habitat conservation.

The Western Mojave is considered the area from China lake in the north, 29 palms in the south, the SBDNO Mtns to the west to Fort Irwin in the east.

If you have never written a letter to the BLM, now is the time to attend these informative meetings do it. The cut off date for comments to be received is September 12, 2003

The meetings are as follows:

Wednesday Aug. 27
Long Beach
VFW Post 1746
1032 South Street
7:30 - 10:30 pm

Thursday Aug. 28
Antelope Valley Inn
44055 N. Sierra Hwy
7:30 - 10:30 pm

Saturday Aug. 30
J's Maintenace
3550 foothill Blvd
9:00 am - 12:00 pm



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Pat, did you go to the meeting in Victorville this evening? ( 8/21) How did it go? What was discussed? How many people showed up and how many were off-roaders?


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I went to the meeting in Victorville, there were about 40 plus people, mainly two wheeled users. It is not an actual meeting with the BLM. It is a meeting set up by District 37 to inform people of what will happen if the WEMO plan is accepted in it's present form, and to urge people to write letters to the BLM to comment on WEMO.

District 37 is suing the BLM to have changes made to the plan. There are about 22 different items that we need to comment on to change the WEMO plan for "our" (the motorized off road user) and the areas benefit.

Route designation, open areas, and habitat conservation plans were discussed mainly.

I urge poeple to attend the remaining Informative meetings, and send your comments to the BLM.



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How about a boiler plate letter that everyone can put their contact information into, sign and send?


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Something is better than nothing:

A hand written letter is better than a printed form letter.

Send to:

West Mojave Plan
22835 Calle Juan De Los Lagos
Moreno valley , Ca 92553

Send a copy for documentation to:

Bill Howell
D-37 WEMO Coordinatior
9598 Meadow St.
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730-5656
or E-Mail to [email protected]