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well, it has finally happened. some of us knew it would, but many still had hopes it would go the way it is suppose to. there are many frustrated folks, including some of the blm folks who wished things didn't work out this way. what am i talking about? at this layesy meeting, the timeline for final decisions was set out and basically, the decisions willbe made whether the maps and routes are done and checked or not. the blm folks have decided they will use whatever data they can find to use to determine whether there are trails in areas that need to be closed. even if there is no trail there, it will be closed.
many had hoped that we would actually get maps and scientific data to show where closures need to occur and where they can be spared so we will still have some trails to use. it isn't goingto happen that way. even the facilitator hired by the blm is frustrated because he has been given a time line to get things done, but not the means to carry it out with real public input.

what does this mean to us? so far, the open area are left alone, but boxer is still pushing for the cbd proposal to close johnson and stoddard valley to racing and green sticker vehicles. looks like all other areas closures will be based on the biologists recommendations, even though they are squewed to close the most land possible. even some of the other biologists aren't happy, saying the fish and wildlife folks told them they don't have to close that much...

looks like more lawsuits for contempt by the blm because they have not allowed the public to have real input on the closures. you can't comment on clossures when you haven't seen the maps. and they said they would have them for us last may! closest guess right now is no offroading west of silver lake/helendale area, mud mountains will be closed to everything but emergency vehicles. the area just north of lucerne valley(i have some real heartache with this one, they wwnat to eliminate all vehicle traffic between the 2 open areas) and a section near kramer junction. we still haven't looked at the other 12 species from the lawsuit.

also-the biologist for the tortoises thinks the offroad open areas still need to have some mitigation done because they are open areas. they want more land. watch out folks. it is going to get ugly!


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Martin ~

Well thanks for always making an effort to go to those dang things. So all that work for all those years came down to this huh? Any more word on the BLM's taking a portion of Stoddard for Ft. Irwin? What is the final count on miles of trails being closed?

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