Were to get uniball shafts with taper made?


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Happily the shop said to get the bk ones machined at advanced machine. So Im going to box the knuckles, arms and both sets of pins off and use my cc so advanced doesnt have to deal with any reimbursement etc.

Hopefully this can get it all sorted


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Would these work?



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I believe The taper is different from the zr2 Colorado and the z71 (non zr2) taper.

the trucks use different arms and different uprights/knuckles etc.

spc (who makes most of the oem stuff I think) has their version of the delta joint for the z71 Colorado and it does not fit the zr2... or rather it is not listed.

I wish it did, because even though the factory arm does not have a serviceable ball joint, I’d be interested to see if the stock joint could be pressed out and if there was a lip of some sort for a c clip to hold the delta joint in.

the factory (GM performance part) upper control arm with the “high angle ball joint” is around $500 or $600...

anyways, advanced machining dynamics took the baja kits pieces and Remachined them so the taper is correct and the “rise” is the same as the one from evil Mfg.

should be in my hands tomorrow.

the phone call I had with them was unbelievably informative and I learned quite a bit. I learned how the taper, uniball/balljoint, upper arm all work when it comes to turning and articulation.
so which part is supposed to move and which isn’t. And how pressure and leverage work on it all and where the weak points are.

quite a bit. Enough to reinforce knowing how little I know lol!
But seriously, it Definitely gave me requirements for what I would want if/when a long travel set up is made.

Attached is the remachined piece in the upright, and the evil Mfg one on the left. (It didn’t have enough meat on it to machine a nEw taper and resize the bottom part to 1/2 inch with threads.



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You might try rareparts.com out of Stockton. They specialize in all kinds of rare and custom made ball joints tie rods etc.