What a day...


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This is a good story.

On the 19th,my Mom had DR appointment in El Centro,and she wanted to leave Blythe at 3am but do not ask why because I do not know. Not gonna drag on but we have been running RAGGED all day and we finally get to Dr Calvins office at about 2pm. We then hear the bad news....MORE surgery to drain the water bubbles on her back,and wipe out the infection for the 2nd time. Anyways he tells me ''son,we are gonna have to take her by ambulance to USCD Thornton''. So i said ok.

Then we wait at the hospital for 8 hours for the ambulance to arrive.Yes,8 hours. ECRMC blows!

Now by the time my brother & I arrived at the hotel we are dead on our feet. We wake up at 8am and check out and it's already 100 degrees.

Now comes the fun part:D

We are heading on 78 getting into glamis and construction...WHO woulda thunk it?

We come to a dead stop and I get out to smoke because its a 20 minute delay,and I see a maroon red fluid right under my transmission. I was nerrrrvous.

I limp to the glamis store and pull off and leave the motor running,and it is at a constant drip. I go buy 5 quarts of ATF for $5.10...

We pulled over every 5 miles to check for a leak. So we are not leaking by the mine,and past Ogilby. Once we pass the BP checkpoint,I told my brother were gonna stop at the turnout...

Once we stopped,oh boy... Talk about the red river...

WE literally limped that vehicle home... And it was 110 easily. Something in my mind told me to buy a gallon of water and gatorade before we set home.

Sorry for the rant,just glad we made it home:D