What an awsome guy!!!


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To start off had an awsome weekend at Laughlin (as i'm sure everyone else did!!!). Now to the story. I was over at the High School with a bunch of family and friends and ended up getting Jimmy Nuckles to come hang out for a bit with us after the crash!!! Since my mom absolutely loves his truck, and the fact that he's out of brawley (where I was born) I thought it was a good Idea to ask him to come meet my mom. And he was awsome enough to ACTUALLY come take a picture and Bullsh#t for a while. Jimmy if your reading this I'm still in shock that you actually came over with me and I thank every moment you spent hangin out with us, which may have been only a couple minutes but hey thats better than what I thought was going to happen that day!!! THANKS AGAIN JIMMY, YOU'RE TRUELY AWSOME!!!!