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What are some of the newer communications options?


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We haven't run a Baja 1000 in 9 years so my knowledge of communications options is quite dated. I wanted to see what folks are using these days to communicate between remote chase vehicles, sections, track car etc.

I saw that sat phone rentals have come down in price quite a bit. We still have radios but see that mobile satellite hotspots are out for rent or sale now too. I also saw a few devices that are basically text over satellite.

What are folks using that is effective these days?
(Thanks in advance)


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We don't race without at least 3 satphones, like you said they are affordable for say a 1 month rental. Some companies offer a satcom rental package now where I believe it wires into the race cars intercom so you can always have contact while driving/racing. Most of the big teams seem to have invested in that but for the rest of us you can rent. I always get companies calling me before a race asking if I'd like to rent but I've never asked for the price.

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