What brake pads do you use?


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We have brake pads for other forms of racing, but have never sold any to the off road market.

What are you using on your off road race cars?

Any advantage one brand has over another?

What do want that is not currently available?

Thanks in advance for the help,

we run Wilwood pads on our race car, but only because that's all I know that fits. We purchase the pads from Kartek for their (ProAm) six piston calipers. They have two pad compounds available. I don't know if the pads are specifically made for ProAm and their caliper, or if similar pads are available else where. It would be nice to know if there are more choices in pads available, or if most of the racing calipers require pads that are specific to one manufacturer.

By the overwhelming response to your request, I assume that most people buy their brake pads from what ever vendor sold them the calipers.