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What class are you guys going to race in '05?


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Maybe I should've been more specific... and said what class at R.O.R.?

What do you guys think of having a seperate race on Wheel-to-wheel days just for the 1450 type trucks? Can we get at least 8 trucks that will race?

Also, if you guys aren't aware of our Challenger Truck class, it's growing... At the last event of '04 Jeff Huseman put a hurtin' on just about all the other trucks on site with his Ranger. He built this truck on a severe budget, and mostly with secondhand parts. Not too bad for a truck with a single 2.5" shock at each wheel, and a OEM head/block combo. There are currently 3 Rangers and 1 Nissan finished, along with two Toyota's, and another Ranger currently under the knife. This class is shaping up to be quite a show.



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1497 said:
the beater will be there! BJ, lets see some pics of this 1450 truck you talk about...
HA HA, you want to see pics of the hooptie???i will get some posted.


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Let's see, so far that's 6 "1450" class trucks that are going to race next weekend. Are there any more, or am I going to have to wait till the "Cinco de Marcho" (sorry Greg)?

DMZ Yota
Uncle Bob

Who is #1497? Is Matt Torian going to be there? Solo? Vance?...



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We will be there with the General Lee/Sargent Lee(Camburg A-Armed Ranger,Linked)
1497 is the Beater Twins


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I will be there with something . Just not sure what yet . The new truck is still too far out . The Red Ranger may run by then , and the other Ranger I am finishing up for a buddy might make it as well .


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Can't speak for this race, but the next one I will have a baja bug! as well as a friend of mine. My roomate will debut his 1450 Ranger. Next month will be my first ROR event I will attend, how many entries are there usually?