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What Color Is Your Skin?


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Just for fun I that we would take a little survey on what "style sheet" color you use while viewing this website. Are you a default,desert,the blues or a wild thing? I use the default setting it is very appealing to me. Although I myself am not a fancy font or colors guy it may be helpful for others who are to know what the general consensus is. How about it. What color are you?



Mine is an all white background with a light blueish-grey table background with a darker blueish/purpleish accent... and the type looks like the Arial typeface. The default was too dark for me.



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Are you guys bored or what?

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ive got a better one.
who would win if the herbst truggy raced mike ditka? da herbst
what if ditka was driving a bus full of the chicago bears? da bears
am i even awake right now?



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I have it set on the pink and purple and orange one. I'm betting I'm in like the 2% on that one.

<font color=red>JEN!</font color=red>


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Are you guys bored or what?


No kidding! But, this will change!

SNARE race this weekend
Then in order..

Laughlin & Parker 1/25-27
Dumont Sand Drags 2/16-18
Adelanto Gran Prix 2/23-24
San Felipe 2/28-3/3

There is something just about every weekend.

The Adelanto GP is a fun, spectator friendly bike and quad race. Don't miss it!