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OK, So I'm searching websites this morning for Resumes for potential employees here at my work, which by the way if anyone out there has CalTrans commissioning experience or Bridge Inpsection, Certified PE's or RE's please PM me if you like to partner with a CM/PM firm doing public work.

Anyway back to the search, So I typed in Catrans, Inspections, Commissoning, etc. into the search bar and got this as one of the results!

Urgent Help Needed (Stockton, CA):confused: (Clicky linker thing:D)

So me having nothing better to do I decide to read it and now I really want to know WTF is going on here! Anyone in Stockton on here and know anything about this?

Already searched snopes.com and:
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the other side of the story...

My father, Terry Chatman Sr., was killed on 05/27/2008 by Richard Schultz of Stockton, Ca.
Richard is the owner of an apartment complex which neighbors a fixer upper house my dad purchased in Stockton.
Apparently, my father and Richard got into a physical altercation a couple of weeks ago, which I had no idea of. Also, apparently, Richard lost this altercation.
After stewing about it for sometime, on the morning of 05/27/2008, my birthday, Richard shot my father to death... 7 shots, in his body, as my father begun work on his house.
A senseless death, but I will never forget the man of my life... who taught me so much...
I wish I could have just one more day with him... or just to hear his voice once more.
The murder of my father was obviously premeditated and I hope Richard's execution is swift. No, maybe he should rot to death, in jail, with no family by his side.

R.I.P. Terry Chatman Sr 03/04/1955 - 05/27/2008

I love you, dad, and I can't wait until I can see you again.
...and another bit of info. link

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more on non-violent richard schultz...

STOCKTON - Prosecutors may seek the death penalty against Richard Orville Schultz, 63, of Stockton, who was arrested Wednesday on a murder charge stemming from the 2003 shooting death of a suspected burglar while facing another murder charge in connection with the May shooting death of a neighboring property owner.

His arrest came while he was out on bail in connection with the May shooting death of neighbor Terry Chatman, 53, of Vallejo. Friday, he was returned to San Joaquin County Jail and is being held without bail.

"Our intent is to file special circumstances" based on multiple murders, Deputy District Attorney Sherri Adams told Superior Court Judge Richard Vlavianos on Friday during Schultz's arraignment on the latest murder charge that came about as investigators uncovered what they believe to be sufficient evidence to charge him in the 2003 shooting death.

Schultz did not enter a plea Friday. His arraignment was continued until 8:15 a.m. Sept. 22 in Department 25, at which time his attorney, Deputy Public Defender Berthier Maciel, is expected to raise objections to the legal sufficiency of the latest charge against Schultz.

That charge involved the death of Antonio Estrada Perez, 46, of Stockton, who was suspected of burglarizing Schultz's house in November 2003 when he was fatally shot by Schultz, according to reports at the time.

According to reports from five years ago, Schultz told police he caught Perez attempting to break into a basement window of his home in the 1200 block of San Joaquin Street. Perez reportedly threatened Schultz, hit him with a board and told Schultz he had a gun, Schultz told police at the time.

Schultz told police he shot Perez once in the chest after Perez made a quick movement as if to pull a gun from his jacket. Schultz called 911 to alert police of the shooting, but when police arrived, they did not find a gun on Perez.

In the May shooting that led to the death of Chatman, there had reportedly been an ongoing dispute between the neighboring property owners that led to a shoving match the week before the shooting. Chatman was renovating a home he owns in the 100 block of Worth Street, while Schultz was working on a home he owns next door, according to Chatman family members and a Stockton police spokesman, when the shooting took place and Chatman was killed in the backyard of his home.

It is not unusual for San Joaquin County prosecutors to attach special circumstances to homicide cases. What is unusual is seeking the death penalty. That will not be considered in this case until sometime after the preliminary hearing when the prosecutor's office has the opportunity "to weigh all of the other aggravating and mitigating factors of the case," District Attorney Jim Willett said.