What do you want in videos?


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I want to get input on what people would like to see in a race video. Do you want to see all the classes? Do you only want to see action? Music yes / no??? How long should the video be 1hr, 2hr more? Things like that.

If you have one of my videos, what do you think of it? Tell me I want to know... I am doing this for the race communitee. You wanted race coverage so I am trying to provide it in what small way I can.

And to the people already supporting me Thank you very much.

Oh yeah and how many people would rather have DVD's vs VHS copies??

Thanks in advance for all your replies,

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Im not sure what other people like but Id have to say I like music and other random stuff that goes on behind the scenes kind of like dirtbike videos and others, Not necessarily idiots doing bad things but other stuff. If its just for racing coverage I dont know but I like how Desert People mixed it up with some prerunners and different teams and all. I like to see the big trucks the most but I think there should be everything in the video. Also footage of different terrain not just every truck hitting the same jump or whatever. I imagine the video will be awesome no matter what but I dont think it needs to be any more then like an hour. DVD would be great if you could get it done too!