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What fenders are these???


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I need these fenders!!! who makes them? they look like they are almost 5 inch flares.. help me find them. also, will 2wd fenders bolt up to 4wd?




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"They look like they have been customized for the dudes application."


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those fenders are the 6" over 4wd flat top, but they have been cut out to a round opening. the opening is normally more square, the same as ivan or 4" over 4wd flat top. the only difference on 2wd and 4wd is the side marker light slants different. the ivan front fender uses 2wd marker and the flat tops use 4wd side markers. the fender is about one inch wider that the hannemann one-piece tundra conversion. I have a pair for sale if any one is interested.