What happened to all the post format tools (toolbar)?

Hog Wild

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For some reason I don't have the toolbar that used to exist that allows doing things like changing font size or make text BOLD. Also, I can no longer paste an image from the clipboard directly into a post without using the "Attach files" button. I can no longer make a photo full size rather than just a thumbnail (when I click the red "Full image" button, nothing happens). I can't attach a link to words in the post, nor do several other things that used to be possible. That toolbar is gone and those features don't work anymore. Attached is a similar toolbar from another forum that I don't see here anymore. Did my account get downgraded, or is there some mysterious "enable all the cool features" setting that I can't find, or is there some completely obvious button that I need to press? I know I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is!


Try refreshing, that's what I've had to do lately.

Hog Wild

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Refresh didn't help, and logging out then back in didn't help.
I'm using Chrome browser on Windows 10.


Its a new toolbar I tested out.... how is it now ?