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What happened to all the Superlite trucks?


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I have the 021 truck, looking for some parts. let me know if you can help. I will provide a list and contact info if you can.
I'm running a rotary in a buggy... in New Zealand, as such can't help much in terms of parts. Was looking to possibly purchase one of the engines off the auction winner.


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@fas_guy Absolutely! You could race a SuperLite in either AZ or CA Regional Series.....they would put you in a class with similar trucks. Not many Superlites racing, but you would still have a good time in whatever class they put you in!


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It's going to be about $30,000 race ready. They are available to purchase. It's only a pre-order right now until the first one is built and tested.


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Look for Collins Motorsports at the off-road swap meet. We have three brand new chassis with us.


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I believe Mikes truck is ex Brian Deegan.

He's had it over in NZ for almost a year now, He did the Leadfoot Festival in it (Local version of Goodwood)

He has also run in one round of our national championship, But it didn't like the rain and mud and retired after the 1st race



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I have always liked the superlite car since I first saw them at the sand sport super show. Last week I found a chassis, and I couldn't pass it up. It's a long ways from a car, but I can sit in it and dream. I need some help keeping the dream going. I have a few questions for the forum:

Who designed the superlite?
Do they like to talk about it?
Who manufactured the bodies?
Can you buy replacement suspension pieces and bodywork?

Any leads are much appreciated.



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Good on ya ruffus.

Not sure.
Dont Know.
There are other options.
No, but since you will not be racing the SuperLite in a SuperLite spec racing class (defucnct) You have options to go custom.

You need to determine what your end goals are the the vehicle. If its just a play thing, you are not pinned into keeping it a real spec build SuperLite.
If the end goal is to go racing, figure out what class it will fit in and build it out to the rules.