What is this?


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See the attached picture, I don't know what this is, when I bought my truck, it was something the guy had lying around, it looks to me like a fuel filter, due to the connectors, but it has to be the largest fuel filter I have ever seen. Also it says Earl's Performance Products on the top.



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Looks like a brake resivior for like CNC pedals...

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No, It's is a dual System1 type (Earls copy) oil filter set-up. They are very good, and are washable, somewhat like a K & N. They have a steel mesh filter inside, and are really cool!


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Those are the short filter bodies. System 1 must have made those castings for Earl's. They're durn near an exact copy of the System 1 filter body.
Try system1.com


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OK, I looked through the website, and don't know if I really found it, so my question is, do they sell some kind of diversion plate that you attach to where your current oil filter is, and then if you are running a remote oil cooler, you put this filter somewhere along the line. From the picture you can see that it comes in and goes out on the same end, but the other end has an area to screw in similuar fittings. Can you run this thing inline, come in one end and go out the other? or is it made to flow double the oil?


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yeh, you buy an adapter for your engine then the extra fittings are so you can use either end of it, or both ends. just make sure you only use one in and one out, or you could end up bypassing the filter.

i know canton makes some very nice engine adapters.

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