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What is up with the Kenwood 110 watt radio?


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I'm in the market for a race radio for a new build and I want a quality radio at a fair price. I've noticed that there are suddenly many listings in the classifieds for the Kenwood 110 watt radio for sale. Why? Are they too heavy? Do they not work well? Is there a new one out that is better? Any help would be great. Thanks RDC!

Dirtracer 619

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maybe something to do with the new ca law not exactly sure what it all means but there was some talk about it earlier in the year


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For a couple of years you could pick one up on Ebay for $200- $400 as SAR and Fire, Police had to upgrade to new digital units. There were a lot of surplus units on the market. They are by far the best radios out there for chase and heavier cars. Probably not great if you are planning on putting in a 1600 car where weight is important. My guess is those units on RDC classified are units bought on Ebay and people are trying to make a few bucks off of them. A properly tuned antenna and these things will get out everywhere, very solid units that hold up to our kind of abuse.

I would always go to this unit over the same priced or cheaper units.


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Thanks Ken. Baja 1000 coming up and Code race this weekend. Desert and race season in full swing. Keep safe guys and let me know if you need anything.