What is your excuse? I’ve got mine.

I have been asked, “Where do you get the time to read/post on Race-DeZert?” Well, I sit in front of a computer, actually I have several working at any time, for work. I design and develop custom Databases and manage data for clients in the financial arena. I also develop elaborate Spreadsheets for doing financial analysis on Real Estate deals and develop Business Plans. It takes a lot of concentration and focus. Race-DeZert and a couple of other sites are my “stretch” to break the tension and focus. Often, while one computer is processing data, which can take several minutes, I’ll jump on another to visit Race-DeZert. I’ve been a member since the very early days of the old trash talking forum, though I started a new membership using my full name back in early 2003, and the old user name has disappeared. Offroad racing is a passion of mine, and I am thankful for Klaus, John and all of the others that make it possible to do a little Desert bench racing during my day. That’s my excuse, what is your's?:D
my excuse is i am work behind a computer all day as well programming a cnc router and making shop drawings. Plain and simple excuse is shop drawings are about as fun as watching grass grow so i spend time on the internet to escape from the grind and put myself at the desert or the river. also i spend alot of time researching out all those wild ideas i come up with to try to make an extra buck.



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Well, like you I'm sitting in front of a computer all day, but I'm reading (either paper or off the screen) and researching legal issues all day. It takes a lot of concentration and I too come here for a break from the grind. I was involved in the Off-Road.com forums early on until it got too personal and serious for my taste. I then lurked here for a long time before jumping in.


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Me too, sitting in front of my computer all day, when I'm actually working I just minimize RDC, then when I'm on hold or waiting for things to print then I get back on RDC. I look on the other forums also but main focus is here.


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The computer sits on my desk, right next to bills, radio transcript requests and broken radios. My visits to RDC are just like everyone elses, when time permits and nothing is burning and nobody is getting beat up. I serve many masters, but my passion is off road Racing....oh yeah and my family :)


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Yeah, yeah, we all have the same story. Don't buy it for a moment. Slackers I tell you, slackers, LMAO!


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I work in the motion picture industry: I wouldn't have time for RDC if I lived in Canada!! "Film California"!!!!


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i also sit at a desk all freakin' day!!! i'm a video editor and it is all done on computer now so to break things up i spend way to much time on rdc. i actually have one computer i edit on and one that is just use for internet... it has actually been so slow lately that i found the end of the internet the other day ;)


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Re: What is your excuse? I’ve got mine.

Im a lazy bum, and it beats scratching my nuts all day, they get sore...

el tiburon


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Purchasing manager for my parents company, in front of the computer 90% of the day, other 10% is running to the warehouse to make sure inventory is correct lol When I post is when I am put on hold, because some of the companies we deal with don't understand it's the 21rst century and computers are the gateway to business! lol



I have two computers running Dataloads at any given time and another computer where I do my internet surfing about 80% of the day and basically wait for a call or email when something needs addressing related to our ERP system. I pretty much wait all day to see if anything interested is posted and if I have an opinion I'll post away! Also I spend quite a bit of time in the classifieds section to see if anything cool is up for sale for my Tacoma...


I'm a college student and a janitor so when I take breaks I have look at whats going on. Especially since I live in Utah where nobody knows what off road is.


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Seems like a lot of us desk jockeys on here. I work in the entertainment biz in live theatre. When a show is moving in or out, I'm out of the office most of the time. In between, I have a lot of time to check up on RDC!
Pete S.


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I guess I'm a little different from all you....I work full time as a RDC poster and when no else has posted and I have some down time I work at an action sports agency and go to law school. :)


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jajaja, yeah.........The real reason is I have dirt in my veins. Long live the Offroad Nation.


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I too am a partial Desk Jockey, now.

I manage a Branch for United Rentals Inc., and when I am not listening to someone whining or a upset customer, I find the time to scan RDC.

Between staring (drooling) over my San Felipe trophy above my desk, and my HighRev calendar, planning for races, and RDC...............that pretty much takes up all my free time.

Heres a pic.......