What NOT To Do In The Dezert!! Crazy Video!


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Man, talk about the twilight zone out there. Must have been kinda scary stopping for some random guy in the middle of the desert. Did he ever find any or all of his truck/ quad/ long travel car/ camp?


What A Joke
Ya well I wasent going to just leave him there to die.

I took him back to our camp and he passed out and then in the morning I took him to the ranger station and they had a search going for him. I guess his friends realized they were missing someone!


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Wow! Wonder how he got out there? What kind of "friends" would leave you out in the middle of no where!?

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Fish, that guy is lucky man. He could have met up with not so friendly people. Did you ever find out how he got out there??

Erik Irvine

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Hey fish, you work at baja, you should know the guy. He lives in Vista