What Pro Lites are or will be for sale?

Pro-Lite Brian

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Chad Hord , Robert Naughton, Shannon Campbell <---- Ford's
Jeff Kincaid, Lee O'Donnel, Steve Federico <---- Toyota's

I'm bummed, and excited at the same time... Hord, Naughton, and Kincaid are all moving up to Pro-2wd/ Unlimited-2. I'll miss the competition in Pro-Light that these dominant driver's provided these past few years. I'm excited to see them lay the groundwork for the rest of us to follow, into the big trucks. The more Pro-Light/ Unlimited-Lite drivers that move up and do well, it will make the transition easier for those that follow the same ladder.

The landscape in our class in both LOORS and TORC will be all together different next year. There won't be a specific driver that's expected to win the championship like there has been for the last 5 years. Guys like Brian Deegan, Chris Brandt, Casey Currie, and Marty Hart will be the one's to beat now!

Hopefully the youngster's like Parker Grabowski, Dave Mason Jr., and Brent Axup can step up out of their Modified Karts and show the other racer's they aren't just "kids"...


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Joel Tarquin's Ford is for sale too, older chassis but has the latest Esslinger motor.
Brian- are both Federico and Odonnel getting out or upgrading?


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my Unlimited lite is for sale.
New and updated Esslinger i will be running the Prmm race and hopefully the Elisinore race in December!!


Although I love fishing( deep sea) my truck is for sale on page 6 I think, best offer for a good truck, I'm buying a prerunner to get more time in the desert and co-ride with Todd LeDuc some more. I have opportunities available but waiting to see what happens with the class, it needs to be fixed.

from what I hear, Steve has "gone fishin"


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Garit Wallace's RPS truck is for sale...Esslinger ford with all the extras. PM for details


joey reyes nissan is for sale with all its racing staff inc trailer all spares race ready call me 619-778-9962


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can anyone help me out with any opinions on Lee O'Donnell's Toyota...

my situation:
~need complete team (minus crew/tools)
~never raced short course/dirt on 4wheels... I have years of motoX, karting, and formula car experience with my fair share of wins
~not enough financing at this point for the whole year, would like to do at least 4 races in 2010...
~would like to start my own team, my closest friends are full time hired wrenches/engine builders for various race teams... (im ok with the learning curve)
~The four races(LOORRS) I plan on entering the truck will most likey have a different driver each time... dad once, brother once, other brother once... (hence why we dont need a race winning capable truck, since its purposse is to shake down rookies/first timmers)
~While I might sound like an idiot for mentioning it, my father is Bruce Jenner, and brother is Brody Jenner... Sponsors???? where ya at???? It is my belief the truck will get attention even if we run at the back of the pack... and im well aware sponsors want attention and sales, not race wins...

I eventually would like to get a new truck(s) for 2011 if 2010 goes as well....

So, I have done enough racing to know that at this level it comes down to setup... So can anyone tell me... anything? what motor he runs... is that the latest/greatest for the toyotas? the chassis... is it dated? he mentioned having diff spindles made... are their rule changes for 2010 that would make this thing obsolete?(while sponsors might not care where we finish, my ego does, same with dad)

would really really appreciate ANY advice and help...

thanks in advance,

(have a negative opinion and dont wanna share in public? pls PM me)


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Your plan for switching drivers every race is a recipe for disaster in a pro class.

You should really consider renting Superlites, it will be a much better fit for what you are trying to accomplish.


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"When you were racing open wheels, the car weighed half as much, and the tires were twice as wide. Now the car weighs twice as much, and the tires are half as wide..."

I agree with racer56....you'd be much better off starting in a class like Superlite. Jumping into a pro class like U-lite is asking for disaster. If you can't at least keep up with mid pack then you become a lap traffic obstacle when the leaders come around. You could become real unpopular real fast if you cost somebody a shot at the podium.

If you're really serious about running U-lite, spend the 2010 season getting seat time at test tracks and getting your crew experience in prepping and repairing the truck. Hook up with an experienced short course driver that can coach you guys. Success in the business side of racing is based on performance, and if you can't perform then your funding will last as long as your wallet holds out.

Big names are all well and good, but sponsors are looking for a return on their investment. Back of the pack doesn't get TV coverage, even if your name is Jenner. Unless you pile the truck up in a spectacular manner.....


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yes burt, i agree with racer 56 and nukldragger. I own a superlite myself not only are they the most fun you can have with you clothes on, they are a two seater so two can have fun together. This is a new class just introduced in the 2009 season with lucas oil series looks to be even bigger for the 2010 series. With new drivers to the class young and old it is a spec class keeping it basically up to the drivers with a little tweak on a shock and some tire grooving. We are limited as far as the truck itself fairly simple to work on, mazda rotory 13b generally economical of course what motorsport is economical they all equal dollars that is where sponsors help. If there is anything I can do to help you and your family out I will be more then glad to you can get more info and specs on superlite.com give Chuck Dempsey or Kevin Singleton a call for a test ride in one or if i can interest you in a ride let me know. I am in the san diego area take care and have fun .The 2010 season is posted and approaching fast hope to see you all out there.
Don Thomason.


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I'd have to say I agree with the Superlite suggestion - excellent way to get your feet wet in a fun class without putting the Unlimited Lites in a bad place having to deal with lap traffic, etc......fun trucks and cool people to work with!


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I will appologize right now, and admit there is NOTHING worse than a "newbie" that comes to a forum.... asks for advice... doesnt take, then further more argues...

but the reality is, unless the truck isnt up to par, we will not run in the back... hence my post... there is a reason why Jack Roush, Ivan Stewart, and Paul Gentilozzi trust and ask my father to come race their vehicles with 2-3X the HP in larger races and series...

"Success in the business side of racing is based on performance, and if you can't perform then your funding will last as long as your wallet holds out.

Big names are all well and good, but sponsors are looking for a return on their investment. Back of the pack doesn't get TV coverage, even if your name is Jenner. Unless you pile the truck up in a spectacular manner..... " I thoroughly dissagree, except for the part on the "return on investment", and evidently Jack Roush, Ivan Stewart, and Paul Gentilozzi dissagree as well... some of the biggest teams/owners in racing...

for example:
2009 TORC TV ratings...
900,000 viewers

My sister Kim Kardashians Twitter page...
over 2,500,000 viewers

So with the click of a button my sister can announce the start of her brothers race team and sponsor, instantly reaching roughly 3x the people you would have running at the front of the pack on TV... and we didnt even enter/start a race...

Keeping up with the Kardashians (family TV show) if I could find a race that the TV rights have not already been exclusivly sold to, we will shoot an episode with my dad trying to push back time by entering a race... the show in its first month reached 13million viewers(repeats)... with the last show getting 1.9million (includes no repeats).

Some other stats you might find interesting:

Bruce Jenner vs. Jeff Kincaid google results
Jeff Kincaid did not return enough results to even register... didnt he win everything?

Bruce Jenner vs. Brian Deegan
Bruce is almost 3x larger...

Brody Jenner vs. Brian Deegan
Brody is over 5x larger...

Kim vs Brian
Kim is over 86x larger

Kim vs Barak Obama (for perspective)
Kim is over 4x larger...

It is this that I will use to guarantee my sponsors exposure... and the teams success... driving is the easiest part of racing...

I am confident enough to say that the truck, if I bought it, would out perform ANY truck in the entire LOORRS series as far as sponsor exposure is concerned...

those of you who sent me PM's... very much appreciated...


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Burt, What does your post have to do with any of the previous suggestions made too you?

Your post is extremely KOOKY.

E&S Racing

Burt I have an idea. Why don't you, your dad and your "Jenner" Family Name sponsor Jangaard and I. We will race desert and short course and get you results and TV time. Heck I have the sponsors and you have the "Jenner" name. Sounds like a plan. Heck we will even let you ride in the race car/truck, maybe even drive once in awhile (but probably not)...Meanwhile you will get all the publicity. HAHA J/K but in all seriousness good luck with what you are trying to do.