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What should I do about a rear axle set up?


I'm going to be staring the process of building my truck. I understand and know what I'm doing up to figuring out the rear axle. I have a 99-06 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd and planning on doing Miller Race Works LT kit. Gonna be pulling about 19in of travel and planning on doing SU deaver u182 leaf springs, be shackles and hangers to allow it perform the best. The kit allows me to run 39" tires with some fitment work. Also going to be getting the steering rack done. Now when it comes down to axle what should I do? I need somethings that's not to pricey but is reliable? Honestly have no clue about the spline and stuff like that. So if you got detail on detail about what I should do please tell me!! Also going to need a good diff gear set up! I need info! People have explained this to me 100's of times but i still don't get it or remember. Thanks!

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39's = pricey rear end if you forget throttle control. The bigger the tire the more chance you have of breaking stuff.