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What to do with the Suburban...


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On the rear of my suburban i have a ford 9"(haven't put it in yet), deaver springs, and 2 bilstein (I think they are the 5100s). Well here is the deal; I want to get some more performance out of the rear. I guess some of my options are, sway a ways, air bumps, and limit straps. I'm not looking for a whole lot more travel, just some more dampening. My Bilsteins fade very quickly; I think that is due to the fact the burb is a little heavy. I don't want to go all out on the rear (i.e. shocks through the bed) but want it to be better then it is now. Any ideas????



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Check out John Bittings setup. He has Sway-Aways on the rear they are just laid back like the stock ones. I'm sure he'd be happy to give some advice. Also Vince's truck from Xtreme Truck Parts has a cool set-up, He's friends with Camburg, but they go into the cab, it's just another option.

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If you run air bumps be prepaired to turn your stereo up a little louder, and don't worry when people standing on the sidewalk jump as you go over a bump in the road. They make one heck of a racket on the street. In the dirt they are way great. I run a set in the front of my ranger just added them, bottoming the suspension aint so rough anymore. Limiting straps are always a good idea. Get the right length for your setup and you won't have to worry about tearing up the shocks, or pulling out your breaklines etc. etc.