What to look sfor in a mig welder?


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What to look for in a mig welder?

What should I look for in a mig welder. Is 120v enough or do you want/need 220v. I have the capability to run both so its just a matter of which is better. I found a Lincoln mig 120v with two tanks for $500 local so I thought I'd go into it. How thick can 120v do? I probably wont build a c/1 car but maybe some roll rage work and lots of making toolboxes and bike ramps. Any insight is very appreciated.
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220 V


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Definitely 220v! I personally wont buy anything less than a 225 amp rating. Duty cycle is also something else to consider when shopping for a machine. In my personal experience the more you spend on the original investment for tools and equipment the cheaper it is in the long run. Cant go wrong with Lincoln.


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I'm with everyone here, 110v is a waste. And duty cycle is so very important. But I have to dis-agree with "weldithot" Miller is the one true welder ;)


I've got a Miller model 175 and it works great. It is 220 volt and has a decent duty cycle. I only use it on small projects (not building chassis' or anything) and it works fine. I did the same research here when I was shopping and got the same advice. Spend the cash and get 220volts.


at work we use a millermatic 251. It works great. we do strucual steel work. I have personally welded 3/4" steel with it, but had to bevel all edges


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The 110v welders have their place, so having one around is a good idea. But, for lots of work, you can't beat a 220v welder. I use the Miller 175, and it works very well for chassis work, and on steel up to 3/8" with multi-pass. One bad *** little welder to consider is a Miller Maxstar 150. It is a tig/ stick welder. And you get 150A of stick, you are welding heavy *** plate. The little welder only weighs 15lb soaking wet, and runs on 110v, 20A. It will pull 120A on a 15A circuit if 110V. So, it works well in the field, and it can be run by many generators on motorhomes and such. If you need feild repairs, it is hard to beat!!