what trans for a class 10 car


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The repair costs of the S5 could never catch up with the Fortin. The repair costs for the Fortin are just as pricey as the buy in.


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My thoughts. The costs of a failed gearbox isn't simply that of repair of the gearbox. It's the loss of a race, the money spent on that race the potential loss of sponsor dollars (or opportunity of) should also be considered. It's not something that's easily quantifiable, however if you believe the Fortin and Mendeola are equivalent in terms of reliability then the point is mute.
However I'd want to examine whatever the front guys are running as I think it would give you an indicative feel for what is more reliable.


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1 vote for Fortin


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Thanks for the replies, also thanks (redmist) your post has great information that I have been thinking about.
I did call most all of the trans builders for their input. Lots of votes for different ones for different reasons. More $ doesn't always mean its bettero_O Although, I do know Fortin is a great trans, I went with the Mendeola S5 I'll see how it works for us.