WhaT up , My name is Fabian


whats up ppl...

new to this forum.. but loooong time lurker of the clasifieds :D

So my name is Fabian Hernandez im 21 and live just outside of Las Vegas in a town called Pahrump and got into the desert racing scene back in 2001 when I saw my first Terribles Race..

I drive a 2001 Silverado 2wd, dropped an LQ9 and did the rear and rolling on 39 bajas..

Dont know how to post pics on here yet.. image code doesnt work

I work for the school district out here as a computer tech so thats my job.

I just bought my first project truck last night actually... its an 85 Chevy 4 DOOR and it is on a dually chasis but its getn hacked and the only reason is I want a 4 door dirt truck
to haul friends around too.. Not sure what spring rate to use up front tho since it is a heavy truck.. ill post pics up later. as well as a build thread .

another Forum im on is FSC.com

same user name

well thats my intro..

see you all around