what up! new here.


Jul 5, 2009
RDC Crypto
Rosarito Beach, Baja Cali.
hey how's it going, first off, i gotta say this web site rocks!. from photography to videos to all the articles, great job guys!.

well,im currently residing in Rosarito Beach, Baja, and i've lived all my life down here, went to bonita vista high school and a couple quarters to the Art Institute in mission valley, but droppd out. . . i sold my quad and car to buy an alright camera,, i got a noob set with 2 lenses and try to make it to every race, im currently fighting for good photography and design down here in baja, i'm starting my own company, called KiloMx. and I hope you guys like it!.

we onle got one little video so far,, which i dont entirely like :p im more in to private sessions than races, but anyways, im working on my web page and as for now i dont get any profits from it, so i guess its cool if i throw down a link :]


in the mean time i help out my dad with his lobster restaurant down here, so anytime u guys dont wanna make the drive all the way to puerto nuevo! make a pit stop in Rosarito and i'll hook u guys up!

sweet! im in a real forum now. xD