what valving for a (Bilstein) bypass: lighter rear end, deavers


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OK I know Im asking a bit of questions here but its helped me so far as far as advice and I appreciate it! THANKS!

Chevy silverado, 1 35" spare, stock bed cut through, small rear cage (as far as weight)

64" 87 deaver pack camburg shackle

Bilstein 9100 4 tube bypass

What valving is a good start (light stack) like whats in a link killer shock or someone elses bypass with leaf spring set up.

I opened the 2 long tubes up completely to allow flow and will start messing with the 2 shorter today, Im starting off with 100 psi as a reference and if I can get it dialed a little soft then Ill add another 50-100 if I cant get it soft enough at the 100psi then Ill revalve.

IF someone has valve stacks they are using that makes the rear butter Id appreciate the help.
I have hydraulic bumps for all 4 corners so Im not too worried about it being a bit soft just want it to float over stuff.

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100 psi is way to low for the bypass, put it up to 200 at least. I have plenty of shims if needed. Open both compressions up the same ammount and then close them equal turns till the rear end feels stiff enough.