what were you doing when we were attacked 2yrs ago

i just thought id bring this back up since tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the attacks on america. it seems kinda like alot of people have almost totally forgotten about 9-11, and i dont like that. we need to allways remember these horrible events, and pray for the survivors and families of the fallen and for the country in general.


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I don't know of anyone who has forgotten...I was driving to work. I think I looked on the internet for that whole day and about 3 day's after. I am a bit dissapointed that Osama is still out there. I figured we had that base covered.


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i was driving to work and i heard it on the radio which is kinda funny because i never turn the radio on but i did that day. Then i was sent to santa monica to work ( i measure buildings) and everyone was evactuated out of the building except me and my co-worker who had to finish the job.


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Driving to work at the same place Homie works. Only difference was my commute was 1:45. I got in the car and heard the first report about 10 minutes later. At the time that I was hearing about the Pentagon I was on the phone with my Mom asking if my Dad had morning meetings there. Luckily his flight was canceled so he didn't make it into DC the night before for meetings that morning. By the time I pulled into work, it was over and both towers were gone. Listened to the entire thing live on the radio. I too spen most of that day and the following online at work, nothing new except I was looking at news pages all day!!!


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Definitely have not forgotten and never will. It was a Tuesday, and I was at home getting ready to take my 1 1/2 yr. old (now 3 1/2) to his "Busy Bees" class (where little ones play and interact). I remember turning on the t.v. and not believing it at first. The towers had already been hit by the planes. I remember watching as the first tower fell. I was totally shocked, which is not that easy anymore, as I see a lot of bad things in our society first hand at work. We went to "Busy Bees" and that's all the adults were talking about. When we came home, all I could do is sit and watch the t.v coverage. I am still shocked at how many people died, but what is more amazing is actually how many people made it out before the towers fell. It's sad and amazing at the same time to hear them tell their stories on some of the specials that have been shown since the attack.

Please remember the many police officers and firefighters who died in that tragic event. These were the people who were running in while everyone else was running out (not a putdown to those running out). Also, remember the many others who tragically died in the incident and their families who still deal with the loss everday.


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I got up and went to school at SDSU, i dont watch the news in the moring and i listen to a cd in the car so i didnt know anything until my 2nd class when the teacher had it on tv and said we could leave. The teacher in my 1st class didnt even say anything and i was wondering why some people were acting all weird, but it was early in the morning so i didnt think much of it. then they decided to cancel school and i spent about 1.5 hours in a parking garage coughing on fumes, i know people that were on the top level that were in there 2 to 3 hours. That was a crazy day, i kept thinking it couldn't be real. I sure haven't forgot that day, and i will allways remember.


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I had knee surgery the day before. I had just gotten up and saw something on the net about a plave hitting the WTC. I thought it must be an add for an upcoming disaster movie or something. I clicked the button and started reading. I told my sone to turn on the news and see what was going on. When I saw the tower burining, I told my wife to come watch. I remeber they were showing a shot from a helicopter and saying that they couldn't figure out how a jet had gotten so far off course. Just then I see a jet hit the tower. I figured it was a replay when I realized that the other tower was still burning.
As we watched, I realized this isn;t an accident. They started reporting other planes coming down and that this must be a terrorist attack. I watched as the first tower fell and my heart sank. I knew how many firefighters would be in there at the time. I guess my wife could see it in my face cause she asked my if there would be firefighters in the building and I said ofcourse there would be. She couldn't believe that they would enter a building like that. Then she asked if I would have to go too. I told her if they activated our USAR Team, I was sure it would stay on the West Coast for more attacks. About 10 minutes later, just before the second building collapsed, one of my team leaders called and said pack your bags. I told him there was no way I could go having just had knee surgery the day before. There were on the plane by 2 that afternoon on their way to ground zero.
I watched the second tower fall and cried. The TV shots and footage showed people dieing, I knew the loss of firefighters would be huge. My older sone didn't understand and asked why all thjose firefighters were so stupid to go into the building. I told him that it was their jobs and that is what they are trained and paid to do. He said he knew I wouldn't have gone in and I told him I would have, just as every firefighter I know would have too. I was gued to the TV for about the next 48 hours.
The guys who went back with the USAR team were there about 10 days. Pretty much everyone of them has WTC cough, but all are still working. The number of FDNY guys who are off the job due to lung problems is huge, more than those who were lost that day.
9-11 changed the way rescue work will be done on the USAR teams because of all the "other" issues that came up regarding health safety. I had had some training on WMD stuff prior to this, but now we are going through extensive WMD classes that can scare the crap out of you. I don't look forward to carrying Epi and 2-pam injections with me while I do my job, but that is reality now.
I do want weveryone to remember at least 2 things from 9-11. From the side of the Firefighters, remember, of the stations in NY, All lost some, but some lost all. And for America, It brought out the best of Americans for a time. We showed why we are the greatest country in the world. Don't forget that.

Through great tragedy comes a better way...


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at the time, I was unemployed. woke up kinda late to see my parents glued to the tv. at the time, only the first tower was hit and the news reporters were saying that it was a huge accident; a couple seconds after that the second plane hit! man... when that second plane hit, everything didn't seem real. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen, and still to this day it just seems like it was a movie, but it was real. it's just sad to see how everyone got the USA spirit after that; every car had atleast one flag on it, but within 6 months it was just back to normal for most people


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my girlfriend woke me up for work telling me how the news was saying " a plane had crashed into the WTC" .... so we continued watching the news when the second plane hit ..... i honestly thought it was a replay at first , when i realized it wasnt , i began to go into some stage of shock , so sad for all those involved , not knowing what else was coming . i got dressed and drove to work .... THINGS ONLY GOT STRANGER!! i worked in pt loma and to drive down harbor drive next to lindbergh field and not see ONE sole on the work , at the airport , NO ONE , i was the only one , no workers , no planes NOTHING .

it felt like THE END had arrived !! creepy !


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"All lost some, but some lost all."

That is unfortunately a good quote, Martin.

I was driving into work as alot of you, on the 91 Westbound freeway in the number 3 lane.

That is how vividly I remember it. I can't remember what clothes I wore yesterday but I sure remember where I was that tragic morning. At first I was literally sure that it was a dream, nightmare in fact.

I was on my way to the largest oil refinery on the west coast and thought better of it and pulled my guys out of there and met them at one of their houses to watch the news on TV.

Lets roll....................
well, it was 2 years ago, to the minute almost that my wife woke me up a bit early and said, "come and look at the tv, the WTC is on fire" so i got up and watched, i couldnt figure out why it looked like there was a hole in the side of the building, the news people didnt even know at that point that a plane had hit the first tower., then they started getting reports of a accidental plane crach. i was sitting there still rubbing the crust out of my eyes, when i saw another plane rounding the turn headed for the second tower, i strained my eyes to see clearer, and BOOM, all hell exploded out the side of the tower, i said out loud, "HOLY SH%T!" then i started getting really pissed off as i knew at that point that it was a terrorist attack. i knew that there would be many hundreds of police, fire and rescue workers that would be at risk. then like a house of cards, the first tower fell. my eyes got all teary, i was in shock as i KNEW that i just witnessed hundreds of people get killed, including poilice and fire fighters. but i had to get to work, i allways listen the howard stern, so i quickly turned on the radio as i was getting dressed. couldnt believe that they were still on the air LIVE! i listened all the way to workand i was allmost to my work when they said the second tower fell, my stomach fell also. and then they said the pentagon was also attacked. i was feeling so violated even though i was 3000 miles from the attacks, it was like they slapped me in the face. well, i stayed glued to the tv for the next few days, and watched in dis-belief. it really sux.


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I was just getting dressed for work when my dad came over and told me a plane hit the WTC. I thougt, how could a little plane not see that huge tower. As I started watching it on the news, they started reporting that it was a jet. Just then the second tower was hit. I also thought it was fake or part of a movie. Then I started thinking about a 747 inside those towers. I knew that they wouldnt hold up to that weight and that heat. I knew it was a matter of time before they collapsed. I didnt want to see it happen but I was so shocked that I couldnt leave my seat. I remember hearing about firefighters still rescuing people out of the towers when the first tower collapsed. I started to cry a little, then I saw my dad was crying too and I couldnt believe it. I wanted to get revenge right away.
The thing that blows my mind is that those towers could have been packed with people. On that day I think there were hundreds of people who didnt make it to work at the WTC. I now have a better outlook on the people of America as thousands of people went out of their way to help those in need. I only wish they could do something about the rest of the no-good MFers who are still out there to get America. God bless this great nation...........(LES CLAYPOOL)


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I was sitting in class in a tiny little town in Italy (Castiglionfiorentino - about 1 hour east of Florence) where I had arrived the week before. I was there for 3 months to study. I remeber we were sitting in class and a local Italian buddy called my friend on his cell and said a plane crashed into a building in the US. Everybody was kinda confused so we went to the only TV around (it was a fairly big school for that area) and sat in awe as we watched the only channel we could find in English - CNN. It was a long akward day of people trying to get ahold of their loved ones. I have never felt so far from home in my life!
The next 3 months of living there were full of warnings for us "tourists" - kinda freaky. Stev


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i was on my way to work listening to 91X at about 7:30 and i thought it was all a joke when i heard that the wtc had a plane crash in to it. but when i got to work i found that it was true at the time i worked at a packing house in Oside where we packed and sold avocados, and at that time of the season are biggest buyers where New York and most of the east coast. all of are phones were dead not one call coming in and salesmen where calling there contacts in NY and not getting anything business stopped for about a week and it drove are market in to the hole just like the rest of the US. O to top it all of it was one hell of a birthday gift to get two days after your birthday, so i will never forget.


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That morning my boss mentioned that his cousin, a third-generation Irish-American firefighter, was missing. He found out later on that the man, a husband and father of four, had perished inside the building. The next day, in shock like everyone else, I called a local printing shop near our office in Koreatown and spoke to the owner, a proud Army veteran whose father emigrated here from China years ago. I explained to the father that I wanted 1500 stickers made of the US flag with the word "PAYBACK" printed in black on them (to bring to the Primm race). Unfamiliar with the word, he looked in a Chinese-American dictionary, figured out what I meant and nodded his approval. I think he put some extra stickers out on the counter to give to his customers that day. They were just starting to print memorial cards for the family of a doctor who was on the plane which hit the Pentagon. He was an Ethiopian man, a husband and father of five who had successfuly emigrated to the U. S. to provide a better life for his family. It struck me as odd that the rest of the world that day assumed that everyone in the WTC, the Pentagon, and onboard the planes was a well to do, white, Christian, middle-aged man. Later when the photos of all the victims were published and you saw that they were men, women and children of all races, from every part of the planet, the look of "Americans" seemed very different. I wanted to see every major newspaper in the world publish photos of victims from their own countries, to show China that hundreds of Chinese-Americans perished. To show India that hundreds of their own people had died a horrible death. If you were a South Korean college student who despised Americans, cheered when you saw the news, then later on realised that this act killed people that for the most part really didn't "look" American, you got yourself a well-needed reality check.


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I woke up, all stoked on goin to Primm in 36 hours, and then walked out to the TV and not believing what I saw...still cant believe it.

So you made the PAYBACK stickers....I want some of those, I never got one at Primm but saw them everywhere. Great Idea to make those and an even better idea to go kick some terrorists and their supporters asses.



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Re: what were you doing when we were attacked 2yrs

twillis, thank you for those stickers. I never got one, but seeing them on race cars everywhere meant a lot.

That morning I was sorting thru email at home b4 going to work. One of the first list emails was titled "TURN ON YOUR TV!!!!!!", it was from an east coaster. I was late to work and no one noticed. Traffic on the 101 was the lightest I'd ever seen it. Like most everywhere, work at wilwood came to a halt for that day and was very slow for the next couple of days. The dept head still, as of the end of Feb, had that famous picture of the firefighters erecting the flag as his desktop.

I heard on the radio this morning that there are still 42 people unaccounted for. What hell for their families.
Re: what were you doing when we were attacked 2yrs

thanks for all the replys, guys. i really like seeing into other peoples live and sharing in their experiences. thanks again.