What will they think of next.


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lol. did you see the poll they have going?? 31% of moms think all power tools should be gathered up and destroyed! these are the type of moms that keep their kids on a leash at the mall...


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someone should hack that site into a MILF hunter site


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"it feels good to GIVE UP a little {FREEDOM} for a lot of saftey"

That line is synonomis(SP) with smokeing crack!
Never I a million years would I sacrafice freedom, what little we have now a days. Igonorance is bliss.

I can't belive that some one actually sat down and made that web page.


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thats funny. I hope somebody does not see it and think thats a good idea and really start something like this. could be dangerous, just like greenpeace or some other tree huggers. there could be a ban on chain saws so no one could cut down trees.


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Next thing you know people will have bumper stickers like : You can take my sawzall from my cold dead hands".

Their poll is ridiculous. Only people who would vote on that site are ones who are interested in the activity of the group or were steered in the direction of the webpage. Anybody can skew statistics to show what they want.


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"manufactured by the famous International Death Merchant Black and Decker." Yeah, cuz their tools put out so much torque. I'm a little skeptical as to the sincerity of that site. I just have trouble believing that someone could be so dumb.


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RE:"I'm a little skeptical as to the sincerity of that site. I just have trouble believing that someone could be so dumb."

In the lower left hand corner of the web page click on "last page" and it will explain everything.



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At first I was thinking these must be some college educated Women with a lot of time on their hands(joking, I just knew that would get to Jr!), but the copied stats lines from gun control gave it up. We should do the same thing with all the environmental lies out there and apply, offroading, mountain biking, horse riding, etc...to them.

Jerry Zaiden

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Lets get rid of cars and trucks. Man I bet that will solve the problem on those traffic deaths.


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guns dont kill people; tools kill people!

oh yeah so do plastic bags, cars, planes, kitchen knifes, spoons,.......etc. and everything else in the world. I cant even think of one thing that cant be related to a injury or death??


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click on the sinister tim allen,it gets better.i'm going to send them some footage of my four year old using the plasma.
Re: What will they think of next*

"guns dont kill people; tools kill people!"

The only thing that kills people is stupid people doing stupid things.....