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What will you do Easter Weekend ? - POLL

What do you plan on doing during Easter Weekend ?

  • Glamis - Get Air

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  • Off-Road Swapmeet - Score some hot deals

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Klaus, Could you add one more response to the Easter Poll? There will be a few of us marking the MDR course on Saturday in Ridgecrest. The IP crew usually has a strong showing each time the course is marked. Thank you


too late...once a poll is set you can not make changes to it...I guess I should hyave had a 'others' option


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Clifford...Greg and I won't be marking this next course. We are going to the Off-Road Swap Meet. We gave advance notice and thought maybe there could be some way to reschedule or mark on an earlier weekend, but it didn't work out that way. We'll be at the race, though, and picking up markers afterwards. You flagging at Ridgecrest?

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Yea, an "other" option would have been good. Me - I'll be be with family and friends, in the desert (Dumont Dunes not Glamis, too crazy at Easter to take the wife and 4 kids), wrenching on my vehicles.


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Hi Ms. DiggityDirt, I finally plan on marking the course after 2 races going awol. Scott and I will drive out to Ridgecrest Saturday morning. It seems like the off road swapmeet is held on the same Saturday as the course marking. That's the way it was last year. I would love to go because I can sure use a few things. I anticipate flaggin on Saturday as well as working contingency Friday afternoon. If you happen to have Duffy's phone # could you email it to me @ [email protected]? I sure need to get in touch with him. I haven't seen him around Glendora lately. Look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks.


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Or...how about WORK!!! =(


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The FUD 200 is this weekend as well- Cars and trucks ignite @ 7am Plaster City- Home in time for dinner..

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Is is just me, or is having the swap meet on Easter weekend a DUMB idea.

I really wanted to go to the swap meet, but don't make me choose between Glamis or cheap parts.

- Jeff S.

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We are taking my little brother to Ocatillo wells for his eighteenth birthday. I didnt realize that the swap meet was easter weekend and paid for a spot to get rid of some stuff in my garage. . . oh well. Hope everyone has a good easter, be they in fontana, ridgecrest, glamis, or church!!!