What you get when you cross MotoCross & Rally


Anyone go to Supercross in Anahiem this last weekend? Pastrana was leading the 250 main by almost ten seconds when he missed a shift right in front of us and bailed real hard. The section he crashed at was extremely technical. While he was down, he got passed by 4-5 riders and then worked his way back up to a podium finish (3rd). He was looking awesome until he pounded the dirt!



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I'm waiting for the day of some 4 wheel vehicle, say a Rally guy since they have balls of steel, to be busting out with Heel Clickers out the sunroof, or Nac Nacs out the driver's window, and extra points if the co-pilot get involved...... How cool would it be to see some SImpson's flying out the window's while being airborne, Very Nice !!!!!!!!