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What's it worth?


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Hey guys, hoping you could help me out with this. A family member is wanting to sell me their 4 seat buggy. I have driven it a bit, but have no idea what these are worth. I do know he has a lot of time and money into it, but not sure how that carries over to value. I don't know a lot about the parts that are on it, but he usually isn't afraid to put quality into it.

I know there is a VW engine in the picture, but that is being removed and a Subaru WRX motor is going in. It has a top mount Outback intercooler and brand new headgasket. Weddle transmission and clutch.

Also, how hard would it be to convert the front to A arms?

Thank you!



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Forget about an a-arm converion especially if you won't be doing the fabwork. Beam cars work well just leave it how it is and have fun with it. Maybe upgrade other parts.


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It looks great if you ask me. I wouldn't convert to a-arms either, you already have massive front shock towers and Kings all around. That new engine will provide adequate power and the frame looks in good condition so I would start at a high value and let the market decide what its worth. Based off of what I saw when I went shopping for a buggy I would start yours at $10-15k and see what happens. Check local craigslist listings and the RDC classifieds to get an idea of what other people are selling theirs for.