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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

As it turns out my next race is once again postponed.

Iribe had so much work and spent a week in DAKAR he couldnt get round to having the truck prepped, especially with KOH coming up too.

We might do a MORE or SNORE race before the 500 but I cant even get excited about racing stateside...oh well, isht happens

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If anyone in the SD area know of someone looking for warehouse entry level work, willing to be fork lift certified or already is and doesnt want to get paid 6 figures because they have a bachelors in some worthless degree let me know. We have 4 openings. Temp to hire. Its slim pickings out there. I may refer depending on who it is, if not Ill point you in the right direction.

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10 year bamboo challenge lol
I can work from 11 to 1 with a one hour lunch on off days if the calendar. Do you have matching 401k and health benefits. I bring Leo to work with me as well . Will there be refreshments ? Leo is my dog
Its an employees market right now, Im sure theres a company out there offering those hours lol

Never in my life did I think there would be a shortage of forkift operators. Most of our warehouse operators are over 50 years old cause thats all they know how to do

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