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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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I’m friends with Bob the owner of Pro Action.
He could tune those to your liking.
I haven't ridden my 93 KX 500 in a number of years. I really need to go through the entire electrical system. It was not getting good spark the last time I had it running. I do have the Kawasaki of Riverside lighting coil set up on it which I love. I think it would be cool to race NORRA with it someday. It was raced in Baja a number of times.


Funny Guy from the North, eh


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My WR450 won’t start either from sitting too long. Damn new gas doesn’t last for ****.
Next time put some Sea Foam in it. I used to always turn off the gas on my KX 500 and run it till the carb ran dry. I didn't want pre-mix sitting in the carb because I didn't ride it often. I also drained the gas tank too so the gas wasn't sitting in there for months on end. Never had a problem with it.

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Yea I gotta get better at that. I use Stabil in my boat and some of my other toys and it helps too but I get lazy, thinking I’ll ride my bike again soon and then it’s been months before I even realize it. I will check into sea foam. Thx


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Easily one of my top 5 celebrity crushes taken today. Just this morning i was posting how jealous of one of our team guys that was working with her today as she went after a land speed record. hours later she was gone. She was one of the coolest chicks in the world and would sit and talk to anyone. even an old fat guy like myself.


The F-104 that she was using was actually first flown by Loren's dad as a test pilot fr the Air Force. Not the same type, the same actual plane.

Damn Jessi - Wish I had more chance to see that smile...