Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

jon coleman

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what would the person who chugged this coldy out at plaster city, then shoot it ( looks about .22 size hole), think of spritzy foo foo grape drinks?, notice church key holes, , ' aaah, screw those sissypop top pull tab thingys, gotta have a vent to gulp smoothly!!'
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The only thing I smoke is suckers like you, on the basketball court.

Fort Worth. It's kinda like Newport Beach and Norco had a kid, dudes wearing cowboy boots- hopping out of their Lambo SUV.....
I live in Stephenville when I am not working in the oil field.

blue dog

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Anyone have any experience with CBD for old dogs ?
Asking for Leo

Mike @ pit b

Sucks about Dan McMillin's truck. All those fourth place finishes gone.

Bert is my name

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My mom gives her dog c.b.d. to help the dog be less nervous and flighty. The dog has been on it for about 6 months. Seems to be working. The dog went from running from me to coming over to say hi and let's me pet her now.