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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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Okay, this thread is weird for me too!

I just clicked into BajaFox's response from the "New Posts Page"

It took me to page 10055 where he was the only post on that page.

I click on pg10055 and it takes me to a different pg10055. This new pg10055 shows posts #201,081-201,100.

And now I cant see Baja Fox's most recent post (which I assume is #201,101?)

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Me too. I read bighocks Popeyes post and it was the end of the thread even though it said that michael.gonzalez was the last person to post in here. So I went back to the OT page and hit reload and clicked WTAR again and now can see bajafox and michael.gonzalez's 2 posts after big hock's.