Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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I work in the oil field in West Texas and New Mexico. Currently I am in Hobbs NM. It is amazing how this town was booming a week ago and now between the Coronavirus and the crash in oil price it is quickly becoming a ghost town! It is insane! Hopefully I can keep my job, but the drilling rigs are "stacking" quickly. We are still working presently, but who knows what the future holds.


Saw somewhere online, I think it was Kentucky, they hit 99 cents a gallon. I've seen that once in my lifetime in California, think it was 1999


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I drive down the strip today, since I had nothing on my calendar. Ghost town.
St Patty's day at the Irish pub ? Nope

Any recommendations for Netflix or Amazon prime ?
Watched the highwaymen tonight, was good.
Prime- Hunter's, Bosch, Jack Ryan,Sicario, Ray Donovan, Zero, Goliath, Vikings,