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My company is medical and exempt so we are working but we are getting paid time and a half for regular working hours to keep the business running. Damn I hate these multi billion dollar companies and their throwing their money at problems crap....

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Saw somewhere online, I think it was Kentucky, they hit 99 cents a gallon. I've seen that once in my lifetime in California, think it was 1999
I was delivering pizza back in 1999 as one of my first jobs, and I remember gas being in the 95-99cent range. Then when Bush took office in 2000 it suddenly jumped up to $2.50 a gallon. Not a political statement, just one of fact.


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I’m talking about nationwide but thanks for your rant. And one purpose of a tax is to curb the use of harmful products, like the tobacco tax which provides tax revenue. Enacting a tax tied to the sale of products known to be harmful is nothing new. So “y’all” can calm down and enjoy gasoline and diesel while you can.
I wasn't "ranting". I find that a complete waste of time. Not that I think you are "ignorant", but since I began working in the oil and gas industry I have learned a lot that I did not know before hand.

The price of gas at the pump has several variables. And the big oil companies you mentioned really don't have anything to do with it.

1: The price of crude per barrel (bbl) A bbl of crude is 42 gallons. Crude is traded for the most part on a world market. The price of which is controlled by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) At this moment the price of crude is the lowest it has been since 2002. In West Texas crude needs to be at a minimum of $34 a bbl in order for the oil companies operating here to break even. Currently the price is in the low $20's!

2: Transportation of crude and refined gas and diesel. Once the crude is extracted from the ground, the cost of transporting the oil, rail or pipeline, to the refinery and then transporting the refined product by pipeline, rail, and tanker truck to your local gas station directly affects the price at the pump before any taxes are added. Supply and demand could also be lumped in here also.

3: Federal and state taxes is the last major factor in the price of gas at the pump.

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I've seen $2.59 here in Oceanside, CA. Then down the street other gas stations are over $3 still.
Yeah when I was stationed in Oceanside I remember there being a pretty massive spread on gas prices depending on where it was at. Here in Ventura they are always pretty high across the board. We have some gas stations that use local oil but they are so packed usually that you have to have a lot of patience. Patience isn’t something I was blessed with.

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Same for Lompoc v. SB/Goleta. About a $0.60 difference, sometimes more.
Yeah. Thousand Oaks has higher gas prices than Ventura, Oxnard and pretty much everywhere else in Ventura County. The income is higher. Like going on a Sunday drive to Malibu. They’ll easily be a dollar more than everywhere else.