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One of my favorite artists, Aidan Hughes, made this picture a number of years ago and I thought it was cool. He was the guy that made the pictures for KMFDM albums.



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What's it about? I've been trying to get the gf to watch it but she wont since we have a cat. She doesn't want to see a cat get murdered.
its not grafic footage or anything .....but its real and needs to be in the show for you to be "ALL IN" on catching the freak its a good watch for all animal lovers.....these freaks need to be tortured

blue dog

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Anyone remember Con surfboards ?
Old buddy if mine was cleaning out his garage since he has so much social distancing time on his hands, he called last night and asked if I wanted my old Board back. That thing must have been in his garage for 25 years.
Con was at Pico and Lincoln in santa Monica, probably closed there doors in the late 80's .
Also recently read that Rip City lost it's lease in Santa Monica. Probably been in the same spot for 40 years.
Obviously I have too much time on my hands these days.

blue dog

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My surf days were from North side if the South Bay, Santa Monica ( old POP Pier piles ) Venice Breakwater, Topanga, Malibu and Ventura county line . Have not been on a surf board in 20 years.

jon coleman

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well heck, pm me if any one out in rDc has boards for sale.like 70s single fin sole style, gerry Lopez ect.oops , ok for want ad Mr. K.??, if not, ill stick one in cassifieds


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I went to see it for myself. The BLM/ Federal areas are still open.

jon coleman

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sunday is a go then , blm 'windmills' shooting range.ocotillo hi./8 east.im gonna bring the heavy stuff& its painted, get this , Black!!!!, aaaaaaa......