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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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Question to satisfy my curiosity...

I see a 1450 in the classifieds. I am in no position or desire to purchase, but I like to look for entertainment. Anyway, this particular 1450 does not have "working doors" I thought 1450 had to have working doors and that was one of the things that set it apart from Class 8. I know the ability to "back half" the 1450 is also a difference between the two, but the working doors appears to not be anymore.

Enlighten me for my entertainment please.

JWK Motorsports

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They have been allowed to race in snores pro class with the approval of fellow racers. Pretty sure the fast guys don’t care as they just want to race all the laps unlike a sportsman class.. working doors is still a rule though, so I wouldn’t buy a truck that doesn’t fit the class..