Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


So I'm pretty excited, our revised race schedule for TTS#276 includes Rage in December and KOH 2021. I've never been to either so hopefully I can make it to both.

Haven't been to Laughlin in forever. Only way I'd even bother going to a race in the US is if we race it so no excuse now


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Thank you Klaus & crew!!

Mike @ pit b

@Mike @ pit b is it true 2 people died while building the stadium? Coworker just mentioned that to me
Yes. And I was there for both. But when the place was put out to bid, the stadium was insured to cover a total of 4 deaths. It was setting a world record for zero deaths until that day. So in the industry is was being heavily watched by insurance companies and the like.

June 5th of this year an Iron worker from Texas fell. He was carrying something and his field of vision was obscured. From what I was told, there was a floater (think 4'x'8' plywood hanging off the side of a huge steel beam) that was removed and he wasn't told about it.

The second guy was about a month later, but his was a heart attack brought on by heat stroke. 31 years old, married in September of last year. Happened around 3:30-3:45 in the afternoon when we were walking to our cars. Didn't even know about it until the next morning. 'Everyone back to work, but first a quick speech'

There is a show on tonight on the Science channel called NFL Super Stadiums about the building of it. 2 hour show covering the 45 months of building it. My current general Foreman is shown in it quite a few times. The start of building the stadium was delayed a year too.

But I've been everywhere in it. The owners suite is pretty awesome.

Edit: f*** it, here's a pic.


Ok, so at the top of the pic, you see that beam that branches out at a 45 angle? There's 2 little rectangles on the right of that branch. Those are the floaters.

Now at the bottom of the pic, that EZ-up with some plywood under it..... with the flowers. That's where he landed.

I was not told any details of what happened, just rumors and word of mouth from many sources.

It sucked.

So that makes a total of 4 deaths on jobsites I've been on. 2 falls, 2 heart attacks.
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Kristy, Donald, and Liz all quit BITD this weekend. Who is bailing next?
My guess is Brian and/or Darryl next....lol. But not before a trip to hear this out in front of Judge Wapner.


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I didn't tell anybody but I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trials for C-19 in London..... I received my first shot today and wanted to let you all know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши😷


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it sure is quiet in here.