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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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On a side note .. RG and his boy (Max) were in a wedding that I went to this last weekend .. Check out how the ring bearer (Max) "carried the ring".



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It was #larryson driving and that didnt go flat.. BJ was getting flats left and right that race tho
BJ has been getting flats left and right on toyos too...
We finished Sunday with a left front bubble. Same as that pic of BJ. GT saw and took a quick look. Happened to be only tire we didn't change on truck from Saturday. Good thing we didn't get a flat, would have been a dumb move not to change it.
From what GT told us the tires are more or less good for 150ish miles after that its a crap shoot.
I personally like the cost of free tires regardless of brand. :)
Thats what im saying...


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Has no one really asked about passports yet this year? I'm holding out till my country denies me entry. Lol