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Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


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Merry Christmas WTAR'ds!!

chicken lips the ocho

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Ivan didn't retire - He has taken a break from TT racing to work on his 2 wheel skills so he can be the first to "Ironman" the 1000 on both a bike and a TT - He said quads are for queers though.
Spotted this today on the back of a truck! ...lol Merry Xmas!
Bill meltdown in 3........2......1

lol you kook

and a Merry Christmas to all my WTAR brothers


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I'm looking for a job for a graffic designer, she is my neice.
She has a Bachelors Deg.


Merry Christmas dudes!

Bought myself a Christmas present.



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Merry Christmas y'all. Congrats Loomis.


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2pm and my first visit to rdc today,its alot of work getting a turkey stuffed and in the oven,everyone go thank whoever is cooking them dinner tonight its a bunch of work,normally i would be half cut by now but i gotta stay sharp so i dont fk up this dinner.


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New York 100% awesome... Until the 3 hour delay to fly home. Not even weather related and no reason given. So much for Christmas dinner at home.