Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...


This is a show about high tech gadgets. Probably has some kind of special anti blast shoes. Nothing would surprise me after reviving the last guy.

Dang.. I think that makes 20 years for me. Been here since the OG format.

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I was cracking up at that 14 year old asking about 5 chassis. I joined in 2004...cant begin to count how many threads we've seen with people asking similar questions and not even close to being in a position to buy what theyre asking about

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I originally joined in 05, but I took a couple of years off around 2010. When I came back I couldn't remember my user name, so I started a new one.

It has been interesting for sure.


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The launching of the heaviest rocket ever into space brought up a great discussion the other day with a co-worker.

Think about this:

Cars were invented and developed by private citizens
Electricity and the light bulb, by citizens
Flight also by citizens
And now, space travel is being perfected by private companies owned by citizens.

The government did put a man on the moon, which is very impressive, but the private sector has greatly improved space travel and rocket propulsion.

This to me, shows that private citizens are able to accomplish so much more than the government and do it better without government involvement. So, why do so many people look to the government to solve their problems when they are better equipped to solve their problems without Uncle Sam meddling in their affairs


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musk is the new von braun and with $$ to follow through

Mike @ pit b

Getting mighty close to Purple talk there JD.

Private citizens expect results and aren't usually hindered by the BS of red tape and bureaucracy that government entities are.

Either way, still cool.

But Musk is just one really bad day of becoming a James Bond super villain or Hank Scorpio.


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Holy S H I T this year will be 16 years for me.


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Lol.... I had to look for my first post, it was actually replying to Loomis! haha so crazy. Apparently he worked at the tool coral in home depot, was shopping for a band saw to make racecar crap..



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Oops, I couldn't remember if I had or not and I was too lazy to go look. I was going through pictures deleting things and laughed at it again. So I thought you might get a laugh too.


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You can have the most badass diagnostic tool on the market if you don't understand what it all means it doesn't matter. "Yes, I pulled the code with my dandy code reader and it said P0171 - Lean Bank 1. How much is it going to cost to fix my Bank 1?". Pay my diagnostic fee and I'll diagnose it but I'm not going to make wild diagnostic guesses over the phone. Roll dem dice, baby!